Made in Italy 

as the english proverb says, "tall oaks from little acorns grow", and for besenzoni this couldn't be truer. Now celebrating its 50th anniversary, the once small business has become a consolidated industrial concern, having established the widest product rangr of nautical accessories available on the market today, and recognised as one of the flagship companies of "Made in Italy".

The Bergamo-based company was founded in 1967 in Sarnico, on the banks of Iseo Lake , by Giovanni Besenzoni.

Today boasting a range of over 170 products and no less than 60 patents, the nautical accessories manufacturer operates from seven production sites located within the province, and all equipped with cutting edge technologies.

With  187 sales offices in 50 countries , it has fast become a global enterprise on a grand scale, working in collaboration with 164 workshops around the world, and always careful to maintain its long-standing reputation for specialised craftmanship. 

Innovation at the fore

Besenzoni has become known for its production of products for commercial and leisure boats, characterised by a simple, functional and highly recognisable design based on strict structural studies, scrupulous testing of every single component, and non-stop customer service.


Its current portfolio encompasses seven collection, however the manufacturing flexibility that the company has preserved throughout the years means that, alongside its standard production, Besenzoni is able to offer a wide range of tailored products, created in partnership with architects and designers.

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