Besenzoni Unit Control


The innovative handling system for your Besenzoni ladder and gangway

We have developed an innovative free App Besenzoni Control Device which enables you to operate the Besenzoni ladder or gangway (both the retractable and the external types) installed on your boat. It’s very straight forward and you just need to connect it with a receiver/adaptor BUC - Besenzoni Unit Control that can be ordered from our Sales and Service Network to be able to use your smartphone as a replacement, or in addition, to the remote control supplied with the ladder/gangway.

The idea of creating this App was born to make life easier for the boating enthusiasts How many times has it happened when you arrive at the dock, pontoon and realize that you have forgotten your gangway remote control at home or, worse, to remain ashore whilst family members or the crew are already sleeping? Solve the problem with Besenzoni Unit Control on your smartphone!


STEP 01.

from the App Store

This application allows you to use a tool, mobile phone or tablet,
which are always close at hand, simply using bluetooth technology,
parallel to the use of the classic infrared or radio-wave remote control,
already included in the purchase of the gangway.catwalk.
The App can be connected with up to 8 devices at the same time,
and can therefore be used by more than one family member
and with more than one mobile phone or tablet.

Check that your device
is compatible with the operating systems
that allow the App to work:
IOS 10.0 or later
Android 8.0 or later

app store

play store

STEP 02.

The bluethooth receiver/adaptor for your ladder or gangway

After downloading the App “ Besenzoni Control Device” the boat owner will need to provide Besenzoni Customer service department the ladder or gangway serial number so that our technicians can identify the Bluetooth receiver/adaptor to be linked to that particular product installed on board.

Besenzoni Unit Control schema black

Fill out this form with the information required

To identify which Bluetooth receiver/adaptor is compatible with the ladder or passerelle being used it is essential to provide some information:

a) Gangway
- Confirm if the gangway installed is an external model
  or a concealed letter box mode.
- Confirm the gangway serial number.
- If possible confirm the circuit board Code: eg. CT6A4 - C608
  (these codes correspond to BUC WHITE VERSION Interface for gangways)
  eg. RSP (these codes correspond to BUC BLACK VERSION interface for gangways).

b) Ladder
- Confirm the ladder/gangway serial number indicated
  on the plate fitted to the underside of the ladder.
- If possible state the circuit board Code: eg. C608SB
  (these codes correspond to BUC WHITE VERSION interface for ladders),
  eg. RSP (these codes correspond to BUC BLACK VERSION interface for ladders).

STEP 04.

Technology and simplicity in a single gesture.

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