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Data:1 luglio 2021 Categoria:Dicono di noi

Besenzoni is making some slightly tenuous environmentally friendly claims for its new LaPasserella passerelle.
The big news with this new unit is that it’s electrically powered, rather than hydraulic. Operated via your 12V or 24V ships battery system and available in three versions from 2 to 4.5 metres, Besenzoni claims that it is 30kg lighter than a traditional gangway, which will apparently reduce fuel consumption!
We’re not convinced you’ll notice a huge difference, but the lack of hydraulics does save space in the engine room. Interestingly, given the near silent operation of a traditional Besenzoni passerelle, the manufacturer claims that “the system is of course quieter since it is operated electronically”. You can opt for a platform made from an innovative, high-performance synthetic material, which has been created using “only the highest quality virgin PVC. This means that the gangway is 100% ‘Green Ecological’, made without the use of any wood”.
Less tenuous benefits include zero maintenance, as it doesn’t need to be treated with any special products: the standard polishing or oiling of wood isn’t necessary, it just needs to be brushed down with soapy water. It is also stain-resistant, hard-wearing and impervious to the effects of sunlight or sea water, as well as having a non-slip surface, in both wet and dry conditions.